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Containment Solutions for Food & Retail

Construction projects in food service and retail settings present the unique challenge of maintaining a positive customer experience, while also protecting the health and safety of the occupants. TWS Containment walls provide a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment, so you can complete your renovation project without worrying about damaging your end-clients’ customer relations.

The Benefits of TWS in Food Service and Retail:

  • Convenient – Our expert technicians will set up your containment system and remove it when your project is complete
  • Superior Containment of construction dusts and debris, including airborne dusts and particulates
  • Sanitary – Maintain a clean renovation area, suitable for food service environment
  • Aesthetically appealing – maintain a positive environment during renovations with a sleek, professional, and clean look
  • Sound dampening – Our modular containment walls block external ambient noise, so construction and operations can happen simultaneously with business operations
  • Affordable – Because our walls are rentable, our containment systems are a more budget-friendly alternative within individual project budgets
  • Fast installation – 100 feet of wall can be installed in about an hour

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The applications for Temporary Wall Systems offer endless containment possibilities. If you have a project that may require temporary containment, please reach out for a quote and free consultation.