If you’re getting started on a renovation project in the Derry NH area, a dust containment system is crucial. At Temporary Wall Systems, LLC we provide superior rentable wall solutions for all your containment needs. Not only will it provide airtight containment for airborne particles, but it’ll also help to maintain a professional appearance and reduce noise from construction. As a STARC exclusive provider, the panels we install are rugged and durable, while offering a real-wall appearance. They can be mobilized for any configuration; Versatility is our specialty! Our full-service solutions make it easy for you to focus on other details of the project, as we’ll take care of everything from rental, to delivery, installation, mobilizing, and removing the panels when the project is complete. Our modular containment systems are suitable for installation in any industry. Keep reading to learn more about our rentable temporary wall services in Derry NH!

Full-Service STARC Panel Installation in Derry NH 

We understand that as a project manager or general contractor, there are many aspects of the renovations that you need to coordinate. With so much on your plate, one task that is easy to offload is the need for temporary walls. Our full-service solutions offer a maintenance-free solution, as we take care of everything from delivery to installation and removal. You won’t have to worry about storing the panels between projects or damaging them. Our team will always “go the extra mile” to provide our clients with exceptional service! We’ve installed our temporary containment systems in hospitals and healthcare facilities, restaurants, retail centers, airports, hotels, and beyond. Check out some of our before & after installation photos to see how our attractive wall panels can transform a space! 

Anterooms & Isolation Rooms for Hospitals

As mentioned, our wall panels are extremely versatile and have been installed for a wide variety of applications to provide airtight containment. Most recently, they have been used to construct anterooms and isolation rooms during the COVID-19 pandemic to stop the spread of airborne germs. Because our STARC walls are ICRA IV approved and provide airtight containment, they’re a great solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Many hospitals took advantage of this to expand their capacity and protect their patients and staff during peak times. If you’re interested in learning more about how our containment systems can create effective barriers and slow the spread of diseases in hospitals, check out our article regarding hospital preparedness. 


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