Full-Service Containment Solutions in Hartford CT 

At Temporary Wall Systems, LLC., we provide full-service solutions for all your containment needs in Hartford CT and throughout New England. We rent, mobilize, install, remove, and store STARC containment panels for a variety of different uses. Our modular wall systems were designed with versatility in mind. The STARC panels we rent are durable, attractive, and provide a real-wall appearance, making them suitable in any industry. With our modular wall containment systems, businesses can continue day-to-day operations during renovations with minimal disruption. We have provided our superior containment solutions hospitals, laboratories, retail centers, restaurants, hotels, data centers, and beyond.

Rentable STARC Panels for Construction in Hartford CT 

If you’re getting started on a construction or renovation project in Hartford, finding a superior containment system should be at the top of your priority list. Our airtight containment systems trap dust, debris and other airborne particles from escaping the construction site. We provide a modern, clean containment system that is effective and durable. Because our panels are rentable, they’re also more environmentally friendly in comparison to other containment alternatives. After being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using our UV-C Clean Machine and vigorous cleaning methods, panels are reused over and over again. This not only saves you from storing the panels, but it also ensures that traditional containment materials don’t end up in a landfill after every project. We take great pride in offering one of the most environmentally friendly containment solutions on the market.

Anterooms & General Containment for Hospitals in Hartford CT 

The STARC panels that we rent and install exceed ICRA Class IV requirements, making them a great containment solution for healthcare facilities. Many hospitals throughout New England have taken advantage of our versatile modular walls to create anterooms, room dividers and other general containment. Most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve been effective in creating barriers and isolation rooms to help slow the spread of infectious bacteria. Our modular wall system provides airtight containment, so no particulates get in or out.

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Our full-service rentable containment solutions are beneficial for nearly any industry in Hartford CT. We encourage you to check out some of our previous projects throughout New England, and our blog posts to learn more about how they can be used to solve your containment needs. If you’re interested in learning more about our rentable modular wall containment service, get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 603-893-3532 and let’s get in contained! 

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