We provide our full-service rentable containment systems throughout New England, and specifically in the Manchester NH area. Temporary Wall Systems, LLC has worked with clients in Manchester NH to install our modular containment walls to meet the needs of construction sites in several different industries. Our rentable walls are beneficial in hospitals, retail centers, restaurants, laboratories, and beyond to maintain a professional look and provide dust control during renovations or new construction. They effectively contain any debris and also work to reduce noise in the construction site. We exclusively use the STARC modular wall containment system because it is versatile, durable, has a real-wall appearance, and the best part is… we provide it as a rentable option. Keep reading to learn more about why many companies in Manchester have trusted Temporary Wall Systems, LLC to provide quality containment systems and unparalleled services. 

Containment Systems for Construction Sites in Manchester

As a project manager, it is your responsibility to take the appropriate steps to protect your construction site and ensure that the workers and building occupants are safe during renovations. At Temporary Wall Systems, LLC., we provide a superior rentable wall containment system that is designed to be effective for use in any commercial setting. 

Temporary Walls for Hospitals in Manchester

In addition to the benefits that our temporary walls provide for construction sites, they’re also used in many healthcare facilities and hospitals for a variety of purposes. The panels we installed exceed ICRA Class IV requirements, making them suitable in these environments. They can be used as isolation rooms, anterooms, and general dividers, especially to spread the transmission of airborne diseases such as the Coronavirus. Our walls are highly versatile and offer many benefits to healthcare facilities.

Rentable Full-Service Solutions

What sets us apart is our full-service, rentable approach to temporary wall solutions. This allows you to focus on other critical details of the project, as we’ll take care of everything from the installation to the removal of the walls. Our crew can have these containment systems installed at your construction site in just a few hours, causing minimal disruption to your project and the building occupants. It is also a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution to containment, as our reusable wall panels result in zero waste upon project completion. You also won’t have to worry about storing the panels or risk damaging them. Our full-service solutions for temporary walls are highly beneficial for any construction or renovation project in Manchester NH!

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