Are you kicking off construction in Lebanon NH? A temporary containment system is a necessity. We can help!  We provide full-service temporary wall solutions for a variety of different uses. Our modular wall systems provide airtight containment to prevent dust and other airborne particles from renovations from escaping the construction area. 

The rentable STARC panels we install are durable, rugged, and attractive with a real-wall appearance. They also reduce noise, allowing businesses to continue operations with minimal disruptions. We’ve installed containment systems in healthcare facilities, restaurants, retail centers, hotels, laboratories, data centers, office buildings, and beyond. No matter what industry you’re working in, our temporary walls provide a quality containment system for your project!

Full- Service Rentable STARC Wall Panels for Construction in Lebanon NH

At Temporary Wall Systems, LLC we provide full-service solutions for all your containment needs. From mobilization to delivery to installation of the walls to removing them at the end of the project and storing the panels for their next use, our team does it all! We make it easy for you to focus on the other key aspects of the project, without having to worry about delays regarding your containment system. Our temporary walls can be installed within a matter of just a few hours, rather than days. They’re a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution in comparison to other alternatives such as drywall, which typically ends up in a landfill. We always “go the extra mile” to provide superior services for our clients!

Airtight Containment Systems in Lebanon NH

Our containment systems exceed ICRA IV requirements, making them suitable for use in healthcare facilities in Lebanon NH. We’ve installed temporary walls for a variety of configurations in hospitals. Most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, our containment systems have been used as anterooms and isolation rooms to trap particles from getting in or out. With airtight containment, they’re been effective in creating barriers and containment systems to help slow the spread of infectious bacteria.

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Temporary Wall Systems, LLC has provided containment systems for many construction projects in Lebanon NH and throughout New England. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and convenient temporary wall solution, our rentable STARC modular wall panels are the best option. Whether you’re in need of room dividers, anterooms, isolation rooms, or general containment for any project in Lebanon, we can help! Get in touch with Temporary Wall Systems, LLC to request a custom quote. Give us a call today at 603-893-3532 and let’s get it contained!

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