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Lab & Cleanroom Solutions

Temporary Wall Systems’ modular containment walls offer an airtight containment solution that contains dust and particulates far better than other alternatives. This enables production, scientific research, or chemical/pharmaceutical manufacturing to continue with minimal impact throughout the entire renovation process, even during installation and dismantle.

The Benefits of TWS in Cleanroom Facilities and Labs:

  • Superior containment of construction dusts and debris, including airborne dusts and particulates
  • Full-service installation and removal of the containment walls – we execute all the work so that you can focus on what it is that you do
  • Fast installation – 100 feet of wall can be installed in about an hour
  • Aesthetically appealing – maintain a positive environment during renovations with a sleek, professional, and clean look
  • Sound Dampening – Our modular containment walls dampen noise up to 50%, providing a quiet work environment, even during construction
  • Affordable – Because our walls are rentable, our containment systems are a more budget-friendly alternative within individual project budgets

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